Future Factory spreads the joy of Easter

The Future Factory’s Jillian Alexander and Anne Siroky with some of the thousands of marshmallows that were donated for their Easter egg drive.
More than 13 000 marshmallows were distributed throughout Cape Town and beyond.

In only two years since The Future Factory embarked on an Easter egg drive to celebrate the founder, Anne Siroky’s birthday, the organisation distributed a record amount of more than 13 000 marshmallows.

Although it is now based in Silvertown, the organisation still supports communities far and wide.

Director Jillian Alexander said the initiative to collect and distribute Easter eggs was started in an effort to put a smile on the faces of the less fortunate, especially during the hard times exacerbated by Covid-19.

“Our founder, Anne, celebrated her birthday on Wednesday April 13. Two years ago she decided to make it her annual wish to ask for birthday blessings in the form of Easter eggs, instead of gifts for herself. From our humble start of 850 Easter eggs two years ago, Anne and I have never given up on trying to reach as many communities through this outreach project. It has become increasingly difficult to reach our target of 5 000 Easter eggs due to so many still not working full time and the huge increase in the price of the Easter eggs. We received marshmallows as the chocolate Easter eggs have become too expensive for people to purchase. By Sunday April 17, we more than doubled our target by distributing a whopping 13 011 marshmallows,” Ms Alexander said.

This was made possible by the generous donations they received from friends, family, and schools.

“We appealed to friends, families and schools – in particular SACS Junior school who since last year has donated kindly. Two more schools came on board – Timour Hall Primary and St George’s Grammar. When it looked like we would not make our target the blessings just flowed and all praise to God for making it possible. We had so many requests for assistance and all we could do was appeal to all for help. We thank every person who donated – it all came together to bless the unfortunate during very bleak times. As a non-profit organisation we cannot do what we do without the help of others,” Ms Alexander added.

The marshmallows were distributed to, among others, the Western Cape Community Care who feeds over 2 000 people daily. Churches, old age homes, children’s homes, creches and feeding schemes in many other areas, including areas as far as Oudtshoorn, Klawer and Swellendam, also received the donations.