Gang violence claims another young life

Gang violence in Manenberg has claimed the life of yet another teenager.

This time a 16-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed in Matilda Court on Wednesday May 8, at about 9pm.

A 27-year-old man was shot in the back and a 15-year-old girl and a 24-year-old woman were also injured in the incident.

“According to witnesses, a lone gunman walked into Matilda Court, where residents and community members were standing. The suspect then randomly opened fire at the unsuspecting residents.

“The suspect fired rapidly and indiscriminately into Matilda Court. The victims were taken to hospital for emergency medical care,” said Manenberg police station spokesman Captain Ian Bennett.

He said 19 cartridges were found scattered on the ground and the gunman fled the scene on foot.

Cases of murder and attempted murder were opened for investigation and no arrests have been made.

Two weeks ago, two teenage boys were also killed in gang violence and four men seriously injured (“Two teens gunned down in Manenberg”, Athlone News, May 9).

Manenberg Community Safety Forum chairperson, Roegchanda Pascoe, said it was unconfirmed whether the 16-year-old boy was a gang member.

She said the shooting was part of an ongoing rival gang war over drug turf in the area.

“People are afraid to walk around and are constant alert. In the evening we pray for those who must still come from work and hope that the police are on the street but we also can’t blame them because the community is not working with them,” she said.

Captain Bennett said extra police had been deployed to the area and that there were regular police patrols.

However, he added, the community had not been working with the police.

“We are in the area and we are making arrests. This is a possible retaliation shooting from the previous one. We need the full participation from the community. They are the ones who know when the shooting will happen before it happens and who the shooters are,” he said.

Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact Manenberg police station on 021 699 9400 or crime stop 0860010111.