Gang violence flares up

Manenberg community police forum remain worried after a shooting occurred after months of peace in the precinct.

The Manenberg community police forum (CPF) is concerned that months of peace in Manenberg have been disrupted by what may be a flare-up in gang violence.

A 24-year-old man, who was allegedly part of a gang, was shot and killed in Heideveld, which forms part of the Manenberg police precinct, on Saturday July 1. The man had been sitting outside with a group of men in Longkloof Circle when he was shot at about 8pm.

According to Manenberg police spokesman Captain Ian Bennett, a white Nissan bakkie pulled up and one man got out of the car and fired several shots at the victim.

He was shot above his left eye and in his buttocks. Eight cartridges were found on the scene.

The man was then taken to Heideveld Emergency Centre were he succumbed to his injuries.

Kader Jacobs, Manenberg community police forum chairperson (CPF) said the shooting could be related to a territorial flare-up between two gangs.

He said the area had been quiet since February and they were shocked by the recent shooting.

“There are many gangs in the area, some are smaller than others but to them this is how they proved that they control parts of the area.

“Usually in April or March we have some shooting but this year it has been quiet so this shooting is worrying,” he said.

When asked what the police and CPF were doing to prevent the situation from spiralling into a gang war, Mr Jacobs said police were conducting “disruptive action” operations in which they meet with gang leaders to discuss the situation and warn them not to start a gang war.

He said gang bosses had been warned by police that should the situation worsen, they would be arrested.

“As a CPF we are communicating with our community that they must report any suspicious behaviour or any unknown car driving around in the area,” he said.

Captain Bennett said a 29-year-old man was stabbed at the park in Gamtoos Road, Heideveld, on Saturday July 1.

He was then taken to Heideveld Emergency Centre where he later died.

Captain Bennett said that the stabbing was not gang-related and that police were now offering a reward for any information that could help solve the case.