Golden tips for oldies

Ward 60 councillor Mark Kleinschmidt

Seniors citizens who attended a lunch at Athlone Stadium last week got some advice on how to manage their finances.

The 120-odd seniors were all residents of Ward 60 which covers parts of Athlone, Crawford, Lansdowne, Mowbray, Rondebosch East and Sybrand Park.

“We are also here to teach them about their finances and banking methods as well as the do’s and don’ts when drawing their pension,” said Ward 60 councillor Mark Kleinschmidt.

The lunch, he said, was a treat for the seniors – a way of letting them know they were still valued in society because of their experience.

Thengiswa Sharuh, consumer educator for First National Bank, spoke to the elderly guests about long-term and short-term financial goals; how to be financially smart; and how to handle their pension grants and not to spend it all at once.

Everyone should live according to their means and be financially disciplined, she said.

“Always be alert when using the ATM and keep your bank card and pin to yourself. Also make sure that your will is ready because anything can happen.”

Anne Driver, of Lansdowne, said she was eager to learn about the pension grants and electricity tariffs. “This is a good event to attend because we need to know where we stand. We don’t know what to do and how to go about things. I also want to learn about rates and grants if you look after old people because I look after two old people,” she said.

Gadija Jacobs, also from Lansdowne, said she also wanted to learn about pension grants.

“Because we are in the house, we often miss out on what is happening.

“I am here to gain knowledge. I want to learn about the water shortage because I have been saving water by reusing my bath water and I encourage other people to do the same.”