Healthy partnership

Rizaan Hendricks, Manenberg

We, Manenberg High School, in partnership with Artesia High School in California, America, have initiated a global partnership, in which we exchange pupils and teachers.

We are also known as the Manenberg Artesia Aids Project (MAAP).

The purpose of the MAAP project is to share information and make people more aware of HIV/Aids. Manenberg High has been involved with this global partnership with Artesia High School for the past six years.

We envision building a bridge to help break the global silence around HIV/Aids.

Pupils will be empowered to think globally and create solutions by working together.

We believe this partnership between unions, administrators, teachers, pupils and communities will make a difference in the fight against HIV/Aids.

Our objectives are to support mutual respect among pupils; encour-age open-mindedness and global awareness; develop participatory skills through education-al activities; expand our health, life orientation and social science classes and create a virtual bridge using internet-based communications such as Skype.

I, along with fellow teachers and MAAP members Sidney Williams and Cheryl Backman and pupils Firdouz Omar, Ayesha Hill, Nur Charles, and Ganeefa Jones, will be going to Artesia High in Los Angeles during the March school holiday

We would really like to be proud ambassadors of Manenberg, Cape Town and South Africa.

During our stay in California, we plan to visit schools, colleges and significant sightseeing venues. Pupils and teachers are expected to raise funds for travelling expenses.

We would also like to present the pupils and teachers of Artesia High with some mementos of our cultural diversity or educational gifts.

If you can help, call coordinator Sidney Williams, at 084 604 5565.