Help make birthday special

Walter Daniels, Bokmakierie

I am reaching out to those willing to help Ma Spasie Jacobs, as we celebrate her 101st birthday on Sunday September 15.

Her family are struggling financially. In 2018, many donors and neighbours came together to arrange a 100-year-old birthday party for Ma Spasie outside her home in “Smartie Town”, Hazendal (“Ma Spasie’s 100th birthday”, Athlone News, September 19 2018).

We appeal to civil society to support with food donations, toiletries for Ma Spasie, cake and flower donations.

As we are reaching out to various people, we acknowledge and wish to highlight this huge milestone.

Ma Spasie also happens to celebrate her birthday in Heritage Month. We salute her strength and courage as a woman.

If you can help, call me on 065 349 0509.