Help protect the graves

Ellen Fedele, Plumstead

A former pupil and I went to visit the graves of her dad and gran at the Islamic burial grounds in Johnston Road near Rylands a while ago.

Concrete on top of the graves had been stolen and a very sweet gentleman who saw us with the metal picket fences we had brought with us with which to surround the plots, said immediately that while it was a thoughtful gesture, they would be stolen very quickly (as many items were, from countless other graves).

For the sake of my former pupil, I still went ahead with our plans to create a pretty border for her deceased family members.

I noticed missing vibracrete slats in the surrounding walls. How low has our society sunk that people steal from the dead, from the area in which they are buried?

Having been told that the area’s upkeep does not fall under the auspices of the council, I was wondering if any kind community-minded security gate organisations would please come forward to fix the walls and maybe raise them further and put spikes on top to further deter miscreants from desecrating a sacred place?

If anyone out there would be in the position to help, please contact me on