Honest cashier

On Sunday January 8, I went to Shoprite in Athlone to get some groceries when I accidentally left my wallet with contents on the cashier’s counter.

After arriving home, I was surrounded by family and did not think of my wallet.

On Wednesday January 11, I realised that I needed my wallet, but could not find it anywhere in the house or car. Going on the last attempt, I backtracked my steps to Shoprite.

After consulting with the same cashier, Ithishaam Hendricks, he acknowledged that he found my wallet and gave it to his supervisor, Beryl. The manager then brought a sealed bag to me and after describing the contents, I opened it and found everything, including an amount of cash, in tact.

Thank you Shoprite, by now you know that you have some honest people employed, who always respect the needs of their customers and uphold your name up high.

Once again, thank you, Ithishaam Hendricks and may God’s blessings surround you always.