Honouring mothers

Members of the City of Cape Town’s Women for Change programme, which encourages women to take ownership of their neighbourhood, hosted a Mother’s Day brunch on Friday May 6 to honour the stalwarts in the Hazendal community. From left, are, Francis Joshua, 91, Rosaline Nobrega, 81, Johanna Fredericks, 74, Denise Koopman, 64 and Joan van der Berg, 70.
Having a good time, from left, are Glenda Damons, 60, Marina Roodt, 94, Elizabeth Levack, 80, and Francis Miller, 72.
Christine Bloem, 60, Jacqueline Napoleon, 69, Rashmia Samaai, 59, and Adriana Smith, 59, enjoyed the food and the company.
From left, are Tina Ouers, 59, Frances Sias, 70, Sonia Adams, 56, Women for Change volunteers Fatima Zeidan and Selina Newman, Patricia Petoors, 63, and Daphne Miller, 62.
The Women for Change group arranged the meal, entertainment and gifts.