I must tell (her)

David Kapp, Belthorn Estate

I must tell (her)

I must tell her

I mutter away

to the two who

come to fix

our besieged

water meter

(a Grade 6 learner

and I were much earlier

cogitating over

a creative poster

on careers in design)

(I was saying to her

that there is design

all around and among us)

I must tell her

as the fellows estimate

shape and bend

material to fit the space

where the meter is

(a gnarled tree complicates

their engineering)

(the said meter survived

as I heard the miscreant

at work for some copper piping)

What was his design

in the cold and dark

of the sleepy village

the neighbourhood not

watching out

(a nearby day-care centre

too suffers a loss

to the poverty

of the system)

another every day

in the planet’s everyday

A busy Tuesday night (Aug 28) here in the little village, as a water meter nearly goes astray.

See “Burglars target day care centre”,Athlone News, August 29.