In her own (right)

David Kapp, Belgravia

Zondeni Sobukwe

was the widow

of a PAC founder

(he better known

upheld that there

was one human race)

In her own right

not just was she

a wife-partner

standing behind

on the side-lines

an anti-apartheid activist

taking part she did

along with others

(the colonial world over)

She makes the news at 91

as does the exhumation

of PAC activists hanged

by the apartheid state

In her own right

in the country beloved’s

ritual Women’s Month

(we do it annually

on a planet where

women and children

bear the brunt)

someone comments

would you have known

her the day before

when she was living

and we then blame

the youth of today

for disremembering

and even selectively


Uhuru not yet