IUC celebrates children’s first Ramadaan

These children were all awarded for fasting for the first time during the month of Ramadaan.

The Educators’ Forum of the Islamic Unity Convention (IUC) hosted its 19th annual “Fasting for the love of Allah” programme on Sunday July 17, at the Oracle Academy hall on the premises of Masjidul Fatgh in Ottery.

Every year, the IUC invites children who have fasted the whole month of Ramadaan for the first time, as well as those adults who have embraced Islam and who have fasted for the first time, to attend this event.

The annual awards given to youngsters for fasting is proving to be popular and well-received by parents and children alike, judging by the ever-increasing number of participants every year. The children each received a gift bag, a medal and a certificate as a reward and recognition for their achievement during the holy month. The adults who fasted for the first time also received a gift bag, medal and certificate, as well as a copy of the Holy Qur’an and a prayer mat.

Over 350 people attended the event and the number of children who fasted for the first time exceeded 200. Participants came from as far afield as Zimbabwe, Malmesbury, Parkwood, Delft, Lotus River, Kenwyn, Mitchell’s Plain, Gugulethu and Kensington.

Ighsaan Samaai and his wife Zurayda, both long-serving members of the IUC, presented the awards to the children.

Jasmina Osman, a former Radio 786 presenter did a sterling job was the master of ceremonies, Hafeez Muhammad Craig recited a motivational passage from the Holy Qur’an, while Imam Fahiem Isaacs delivered an inspirational talk on the importance and significance of fasting, with particular reference to the children who have fasted the whole month of Ramadhaan for the first time in their lives. Imam Isaacs showered praise on their parents’ role and dedication in this regard. Moulana Riedewaan Ederies opened the day’s proceedings with a duah (prayer).

The IUC said it is grateful to Rashida Survé for organising the annual event for 19 successive years and commended Muhammad de Vries and Imam Achmad Cassiem for staging it.

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