Joint effort to clean up Bonteheuwel

Residents and staff took the streets last Tuesday to clear up the dumping.

Residents and staff of Bonteheuwel ward councillor, Angus McKenzie’s office took to the streets last Tuesday to clear rubbish dumped in a park in Bonteheuwel’s T Block.

However, the ward councillor says dumping is an on going issue as no matter how many times the dumping is cleared, the issue prevails again as residents continue to dump rubbish of all sorts on any open space in the area which makes Bonteheuwel look untidy, and smelly (“Residents want dumping to stop”, Athlone News, March 6, 2019, “Dumping a health hazard in Bonteheuwel”, Athlone News, January 25, 2017).

Mr McKenzie said he hopes the dumping issue will come to an end as residents have agreed to look after open spaces.

On Tuesday March 11, residents, the ward councillor and his staff took the streets and cleaned up Teak Road park in T Block in Bonteheuwel which is frequented by drug addicts and gangsters who smoke drugs and burn things.

“Broken glass, pieces of wood, household dirt, porridge boxes, among other things, were dumped there and it took us nearly half a day to clean up the area with having filled about 100 bags,” said Mr McKenzie.

He said people should take pride in their communities and want it to look clean at all times because after all they live in the area.

“We hope that from today this community will take pride in their area and help to clean it so that we can upgrade it. Hopefully kids and their families can spend time here and not gangsters. Creating safer spaces starts by getting more people actively involved in taking ownership of their open spaces. We will not be deterred by gangsters on our path of changing Bonteheuwel,” he said.

Bonteheuwel resident, Georgina Fabrik, said that from now the community will not tolerate dumping. “We will be watching, we don’t want dumping anymore we are sick and tired of that. Thank you to everyone who has come out to assist us,”
she said.

A week ago Bramble Way, Blackberry and Datepalm parks were upgraded with gym equipment to the value of R400 000 to attract more residents to the park. Grass was cut and parks cleaned from garbage. Bonteheuwel now has three parks left to be upgraded which will happen in the new financial year.

“The kids love it and residents are so excited. People are looking after it themselves it’s so clean and well maintained. It’s really welcomed and accepted well,” said Mr McKenzie.

Candice Krynauw, said that although some residents warn others to stop dumping they still do it. She said that residents complain about the issue on a daily basis but the issue continues. “It’s adults who are dumping so they know that it is wrong. They complain that the area is dirty but they are the ones making it dirty. It really smells bad in certain parts of Bonteheuwel,” she said.