Keeping children safe from harm

Zainab Martin share a special moment with some of the children who attended the event.

Kouthar Charitable Journey joined the Algoa Community Youth Centre to host an event in Hanover Park where children were allowed to play in a safe environment – away from the fear of stray bullets and human trafficking.

The event, at the Hanover Park civic centre, attracted more than 120 children between the ages of four and 10 years old. They took part in fun activities, including the onion and spoon race, hot potato, magic chair, skipping and a one-legged race.

They also enjoyed having their faces painted, and a magic show, hosted by Jamian Fortune. Boxer Riyaaz Orrie also gave a motivational talk and shared someself-defence methods.

After all the energy released on the playground, the children were served akni, and each received a party packet as well.