Kewtown resident puts her community’s needs first

The walking bus ladies from Kewtown. In front, from left, are Venetia Butler,Aziza Hendricks and Mishqua Abrahams.At the back are Najwa Willims, Naeelah Morris,Arelene Adams and Janice Mohamad.

Aziza Hendricks is an all-rounder in her community and the go-to-person many call on when they need a hand.

Aziza has lived in Kewtown for more than 50 years and was one of the women who, three years ago, launched the Kewtown Walking Bus, where volunteers walk children to and from school in the crime-plagued neighbourhood.

Aziza’s day starts at 7am, when she collects children from their homes to walk them to school, but some need her to help them bath, get dressed and get fed before school.

Aziza has also been with Women For Change since 2016. The group helps the frail and elderly wash, clean their homes, collect medication, apply for pensions and IDs and anything else they need.

As a member of the Kewtown Ward Forum, Aziza liaises with residents and City officials over neighbourhood issues.

“I am the eyes and ears of my community. I listen to what people say and take it to the meetings so that we can get it sorted out and help where we can,” says the mom of three.

“There are so many things happening, but no one is doing anything about it. Everyone is too scared of the gangsters, but they don’t realise that if one person stands up everyone will.”

In March last year, Aziza started her own feeding scheme, which she is now busy registering.

“I started only last year and I have helped so many people. There are so many people who have been fed through what we are doing and continue to benefit from it. I was already doing it so I thought why not open something and do it on a bigger scale.

“The feeding scheme does not run every day, but when people donate things I cook it and hand it out. Sometimes it is not easy to be involved with so many things, but I push through because people need my help.”