Kewtown residents want to curb speedsters

David Geldenhuys shows where an allegedly drunk driver crashed into his wall two years ago.

Kewtown residents want the City of Cape Town to put speed humps in Eland and Statice streets to stop speeding motorists.

David Geldenhuys says speeding has been a problem on those roads for all of the 30 years he has lived in the neighbourhood.

“Some drivers avoid Dr Abdurahman Avenue because of the congestion there at times. With the Statice Heights housing development some years ago, there is even more congestion now. Speeding drivers are a major concern for us. About two years ago, a drunk driver crashed into our vibracrete,” Mr Geldenhuys said.

He worries that next time it could be a child or disabled person that a car crashes into.

“We don’t want to wait until something happens, as prevention is better than cure. We also need traffic caution signs. The last time any development took place in this part of Kewtown was around 2008. We are calling on the City to come to the party. People are paying rates and taxes and we deserve a proper service. This is a matter of urgency,” Mr Geldenhuys said.

Kewtown residents want speed humps in Statice and Eland streets.

Foaard Gallie, another resident, said he raised the issue during a meeting with ward councillor Rashid Adams.

“It was suggested in the meeting that a raised four-way stop could be erected instead of the speed humps, as some drivers complained that speed humps damage their vehicles. I am not in agreement with raised stops, as it still gives a driver the chance to speed after crossing it,” Mr Gallie said.

People often posted complaints about faulty street lights or other municipal-related concerns on the Kewtown Neighbourhood Watch’s chat group, Mr Gallie said.

“It seems like this area is the forgotten part of Kewtown. It has been more than two years since I have seen the pavements here being swept by municipal staff,” Mr Gallie said.

Mr Adams said an earlier request for traffic-calming measures had not been approved.

“I have now followed up with a request to consider either speed humps or raised intersections,” he said. “Once a response has been received from the department, I will advise the community accordingly.”

The City did not respond to questions by deadline.