Knitting for babies

The Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies started a knitting project to clothe babies at maternity hospitals and shelters.

The Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies (BWL), together with the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), and Al-Azhar High School, embarked on a “knitter-thon” to knit for newborn and needy babies, as winter approaches.

The completed garments – including jerseys, booties, and mittens – will be distributed to various maternity hospitals.

The pattern used for this knitting project came from an Athlone News article, which was published back in 2012, and was kept safe by one of the BWL members, Gadija Booraanodien.

Soraya Salie, chairperson of the BWL, said: “Our theme is knitting for peace. We were inspired to embark on this journey by Al-Azhar High School.

Principal Arshiek Manie and one of the school’s teachers, Narriman Petersen, who is in charge of the project, approached BWL.

Parent Shaheedah Fryddie delivered a box of wool and knitting needles to kick-start this peace initiative.

The BWL started with the knitting project on Wednesday May 17, and by Monday May 22 they had completed 10 jerseys and a number of booties and mittens. This gesture has re-ignited the passion for knitting among the BWL members, and has everyone excited.

The wonderful response to the project, and the positivity it had encouraged, was just what the country needed, Ms Salie said.

She added: “As a Peace Ambassador for Bonteheuwel, Cape Town and South Africa, it’s important to encourage humanity about the favours from our Creator and our mission and purpose for this world. We are facing much sadness, inhumane crimes and much anger. As a member of the International Women’s Peace Group, led by chairperson Nam Hee Kim, from South Korea, this inspires us that through the nurturing and compassionate hearts of mothers, peace can be achieved.

“Bonteheuwel is on the world-list of the International Women’s Peace Group, Peace Committees, and Peace Teams. This is very honourable for BWL, as we represent our community and country on such a high status, praise be to our Creator. We also received great response from social media. “We wish to thank all the people who responded to posts and availed themselves to participate in this humble peace project. Someone from Johannesburg offered to courier complete knitwear for the needy to me.”

As yellow is the colour of peace, Ms Salie appealed to the community to start their own peace gardens, peace murals and “to paint Bonteheuwel yellow to promote the love of peace”.

“We are appealing to our churches, mosques, schools, madressas, and all organisations, to come on board and share their peace ideas and let Bonteheuwel lead the way to encourage and promote peace.

“We would also like to ask the community to bring wool and knitting needles and be part of this mission for peace,” said Ms Salie.