Leadership camp a success

Youth from Heideveld and surrounding areas attended a three-day leadership camp hosted by The Leaky Shack Foundation.

Learning through fun activities is how young people who attended the leadership camp hosted by The Leaky Shack Foundation described their weekend away.

Requel Nel, the founder of this Heideveld-based organisation said the aim of the camp was to enhance the work they do among the youth in the community.

On Friday May 28, a total of 25 youths were transported by Manenberg SAPS to Wortelgat Outreach Programme in Stanford.

“We do after-care programmes, we focus on behavioural issues to prevent school drop-outs, and we also teach perseverance, and leadership skills, among others,” Ms Nel said.

“The message of the camp was about becoming your own leader, becoming self-reliant and taking responsibility. The weekend was amazing, and for many of the young people, it was their first time away from home. They were taken on a journey to help improve themselves and their way of thinking.”

Imtiyaaz Arendse, 13, said he had initially been nervous about the camp, but later found it “very exciting”.

“I didn’t know what to expect. We got to learn through fun activities. I was reminded that our circumstances do not define us. I also learnt about perseverance. I taught some of my friends at school some of the things I learnt on the camp, and now they also want to join the programme at The Leaky Shack Foundation. I’d like every young person to never give up on their dreams, and to be proud to stand out on their own, instead of being forced to do anything they don’t want to do,” he said.

Clayton Rayners, 13, said he enjoyed being surrounded by nature.

“I enjoyed the night hike. When we had to sit and listen to the sounds of nature, it was amazing. I learnt about teamwork, to show respect, and how to communicate my feelings. It was also the first time we went kayaking and I was very nervous, but after getting the hang of it, none of us wanted it to end. I am grateful to all who arranged this for us,” Clayton said.

Manenberg SAPS spokesperson, Captain Ian Bennett, said Manenberg SAPS’ social crime and sector managers were passionate about the future of the youth. “We want to become role models for them so that they ultimately serve their community by being and striving for success,” he said.

Ms Nel said this was their third annual camp. Last year the camp was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.