Lecturer hopes fantasy novel will spark good reading ’hobbits’

Author of The Legend of the Hunter, Hidayat Adams, right, with Zainab Wilson, who was the first person to buy a copy.

Swords, sorcery, elves and monsters, feature in a fantasy novel written by an Athlone lecturer who wants his students and other young adults to fall in love with reading.

The Legend of the Hunter – the first book in a trilogy – follows the quest of Belac, a hunter for hire with a secret past, and Lathlin, an elfling with incredible healing powers. They are taken to the stronghold of the Hollow People in the Forsaken Forest, where they meet an unlikely ally. It is also here that a part of Belac’s destiny is revealed when he is identified as the mysterious Rachim, hunter of truth.

This is Hidayat Adams’s first novel but his second book. In 2018, he published a collection of short stories, Mamlambo and other Stories.

Mr Adams has been an English teacher for more than 30 years and is now an academic-support lecturer at the College of Cape Town, in Athlone.

He was inspired to write the novel, he says, because he has seen first-hand how a lack of reading can hurt academic performance. He wanted to write something that would be an easy, engrossing read, he says.

“It is an adventure of how villains and heroes face each other. It’s an easy read and it is fast-paced. The idea is for people to read it and not feel as if they are reading a book.”

He set out to write a short story again, he says, but “the story wrote itself” and sections started turning into chapters.

“I started writing the book in May last year, and it took me five months to complete it. Then there was another eight months of editing.”

He went the self-publishing route as he did with Mamlambo three years ago.

“The story is about friendship, loyalty, love, betrayal and evil, as well as the bravery of those facing nearly insurmountable odds. It is set on the continent of Wrochcia, which is one of five continents in the world of Verahasti. The fantasy tale features magic, sword fights, elves, terrifying creatures, and lots of humour.”

Paperback copies of the book can be bought for R100 each, or R70 for students, directly from Mr Adams on WhatsApp at 066 216 3966, or visit www.hidayatscorner.co.za. The limited-edition hard cover is selling for R200 and is also available from The Lounge in Kromboom Road, Crawford.

The cover the fantasy novel written by lecturer Hidayat Adams.