Let us pray

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

Everybody was glad that 2019 was over and was hoping that 2020 would be a better year for everyone.

Unfortunately, 2020 started out with loadshedding that almost crippled our country, especially small businesses.

Now the much feared coronavirus is also with us. The virus has everybody in a grip of fear worldwide.

Although we all think the government should have acted earlier, it’s nice to see that for once all the (political) parties are working together to fight the virus.

We should also remember that God is still in control and bigger than the coronavirus. We need to pray and ask God to protect us against the virus and help us to fight it.

The fact that we cannot go to church or mosque anymore shouldn’t stop us from praying.

We can form a chain and everybody can pray at noon in their homes and those who are at work at that time can pray at 9pm, but we cannot let this virus keep us in a grip of fear and make us forget that God can still do miracles today and we should just ask Him to help us.