Let’s sweep our own house first

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

I am sure many of us wonder what is going to happen after lockdown and the coronavirus especially in our own country.

We have officially been downgraded to “junk status”, and our economy is in ruins. Not only South-Africa but the whole world is in a recession. Worldwide many people will lose their jobs. It’s going to take much hard work to rebuild economies around the world.

In our own country, unemployment is already so high. It is scary to think that more people might lose their jobs. Maybe we should focus more on creating things for our own people by our own people instead of exporting fruit, vegetables and so on. Make it more affordable for our own people. Instead of importing clothing and other things from China, reopen our own factories and make the stuff affordable for our own people.

We have many talented and skilled people in our country: don’t worry about colour – focus on who can do what the best. We have so many beautiful places in our own country: promote them – where they are, how you can get there, what to expect there. Be tourists in our own country.

And just like everybody worked together during the 2010 World Cup, and also now with the coronavirus pandemic, let’s work together again after lockdown and Covid-19 to rebuild our country. And let’s not forget to thank God for giving us a chance to rebuild our country again and to give us guidance in doing so.