Levy heavy

Jasmine Uys, Athlone

Winter is over and we can only thank God for the good rains we have had. Our dams are filling and I think it is time we pay less for water.

Set a daily limit and should anybody use more than the set limit. Give them a fine, that way people will still save water even though they will pay less.

Electricity prices are already sky-high, why must we pay a levy too? So even if you try to save electricity, you still pay a lot of money for it – you simply cannot win.

In a time when the economy is in ruins; more people are unemployed, and there is hardly money for food, you pay through your neck for a basic right like electricity.

South Africa is the only country in the world, that I know of, where there is a levy on everything you can think of, except of cause on air. How long before we pay a levy on that too?