Life changing trip for pupils

Pupils and teachers of Blomvlei Primary School enjoyed a memorable tour.

Debbie Rinquest, teacher at Blomvlei Primary School, Hanover Park

Our school went on the Garden Route tour with the pupils during the most recent school holidays.

This was an unforgettable, life changing experience for our children.

They were exposed to only the best. We stayed over in two hotels – the first was Oudtshoorn Hotel and the second one was the Wilderness Beach Hotel.

Parents and teachers worked hard to make this tour a reality.

The money raised for the trip included all expenses, such as the transport and food, and covered all the sites we visited.

Our main objective with this tour is to allow our children to explore our province and treat and give them only the best, because they are worth it.

We wanted to show them that life does not end here in Hanover Park.

They must always remember that it doesn’t matter where you come from — no one can discriminate against that — but it’s important where you are heading to.

To our pupils, “the sky is the limit”.

Any person can achieve and become whatever they dream and go whereever they want to, because our key to unlock success is placing God first, having strong, strict parents and working hard.

They are all winners and “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins”.