Lockdown survival kit

Soraya Salie, founding member, Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies

The coronavirus and lockdown caught us unaware,

reality hit us, and that was a great scare!

The order of the day was indoors to stay,

washing hands, sanitise, to wash the virus away.

Bombarded with so much fake news and more,

fearing the virus might come knocking on our door!

The lockdown clamped us all of a sudden,

we had to think of ideas not to get us run down.

Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies have a WhatsApp group for our membership,

this to us, is surely our survival kit.

We inspire each other with prayers and messages of hope,

encourage to endure, perfect mechanism to cope.

Knitting patterns, arts and crafts and recipes we share,

bringing out our talents of which we were not aware.

Jokes to put a smile on our face,

keeping to the pace of the lockdown race.

Sending video clips of our exercises,

to not fall in the trap to jeopardise.

Our healthy lifestyle and to keep fit,

doing exercise, even on a chair you can sit.

Gardening has become a passion for our leisure,

working with the soil gives us much pleasure.

Watching the process as the seedlings grow,

sometimes feels forever as it seems very slow,

then all of a sudden the garden bloom,

with humble gratitude we can harvest soon.

Our champions under lockdown have taken the lead,

taking care of their families and neighbours’ need,

bring and share is what we love best.

This lockdown has surely put us to the test.

Although we are challenged, we try not to detest,

as we trust our creator will do the rest.

Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies, a group of women in unity and diversity,

facing many-a-challenge daily, the fact of reality.