Look after our children

Linda Walters, Lansdowne Childrens’ Forum

Annually, during the month of May, we collaborate with government, non-profit organisations, churches, schools, SAPS, clinics, the library and other, to highlight the plights of our children at risk.

May is Child Protection Month, when we are encouraged to raise awareness around giving children the love and protection they deserve as our most prized blessing from God.

This year we reflect on the 89 children who were murdered in the Western Cape between January 2017 and March 2018.

Many were killed by bullets from a gangster’s firearm or raped and murdered by someone they loved and trusted.

Once again we raise awareness around child abuse and children’s rights. Children have the right to live in a safe community, in a loving home with caring parents, to be educated, fed and clothed.

This year we want to encourage children to have a voice, to speak up for their rights, to take a leading role in advocating for children’s rights. Caring for children is everyone’s business. You don’t have to be a parent to show you care. We can all make a difference and impact the lives of vulnerable children.

Green is the colour of the ribbon for child protection. Turn your community green this month.

Here are some simple things you can do:

Wrap a green rubbish bag or green material around a tree trunk in your community.

Wear a green ribbon on your lapel.

Tie a green ribbon (or a strip of green rubbish bag) to your car’s aerial.

Tie a green ribbon to your gate, school fences, church fences and doors at every community or public building.

Join us and encourage all children to attend a march for child protection on Sunday May 27 from the Calvin Protestant Church, Walnut Road, Lansdowne, at 3.15pm.

This will be followed by a service for protection and the blessing of children.

Let’s join together and combine all our resources, talents and energy to reduce the impact of violence and abuse.

Are you keen to be part of a Child Care Forum? Email Linda at 2getherforchange@gmail.com