‘Loving yourself is the least selfish thing you can do’

Eilat Aviram, of Lansdowne, is the author of If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?

We need to love ourselves more. That’s the message in If You Loved Yourself, What Would You Do Now?, a book by Eilat Aviram, a Lansdowne clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, author, speaker and energy-healer.

She published the book in 2019, she says, after finding that in the 25 years she spent working with people the number one thing most of them were doing wrong was not listening to themselves.

This, says the mother of two, often leads to depression, anxiety, unhappiness in the workplace, stressful parenting and addiction.

“When people come to therapy our task is usually to simply look back and find where they overrode their truth and help them start to live according to their own inner knowing. It works so quickly, people sometimes can’t believe it,” says Eilat.

“One client recently looked up at me in our sixth session with huge eyes and a worried expression and asked, ’This isn’t a dream is it? This is actually happening to me?’ I had to reassure him that, yes, now that he had started following his truth his life really was rapidly improving. That’s why I wrote this book. So more people can learn to do this.”

Much of the 256-page book was written in the quiet, early morning hours when she could just enjoy letting the information stream through her onto the page. She says the writing process energizes and delights her.

“I believe that if we do what we love, the way we love to do it, others will also be energized and inspired by what we create in the world. Loving yourself is the least selfish thing you could ever do! In this book, you’ll find out how.”

Since the book was published, it has become a bestseller on Amazon and Eilat says she has had messages from people all around the world telling her how it’s helped them with their self-esteem, relationships, work and health.

“It’s made all those hours of work worth it to me,” she says.

The book is available – as a paperback, ebook and soon as an audiobook – through her website, Amazon, Exclusive Books online, or Loot.co.za.