Ma Doris celebrates a century

The Bluegum Seniors Club members worked hard behind the scenes to make Dorothy Romans 100th birthday party a special one.

A Bonteheuwel centenarian is so loved that she has had four birthday parties to celebrate her 100th year.

Dorothy Roman celebrated her birthday on Monday August 20, and besides the festivities her family arranged for her on that day, and the days that followed, she was also honoured at the Bluegum Seniors’ Club on Thursday August 23. Ma Doris, as she is affectionately known, joined the club last year.

Ma Doris might be small in stature, but she is as feisty as ever. Although she needs help to move around, she has no chronic illnesses and still has
a good memory. She also announced that she
comes from a lineage of strong women. Her mother, Georgina du Plessis, lived until the age of 101.

When asked her secret to a long and happy life, Ma Doris said: “I live for the Lord. He is my everything. I can’t and will not complain about anything. If I have a little bit of pain, I just put on some ointment and pray to God to ease the pain. He has never forsaken me.”

She does not follow any special diet or an exercise routine, Ma Doris added.

“I did my exercises when I was in school. I eat what I like. I just trust in the Lord. I go to Him with any trouble that I have. What the Lord does, He does for good.”

Ma Doris is well known and loved in the community, and the well-being of children is close to her heart.

Her neighbour, Hilda Parker, said Ma Doris’s mother, and her grandmother, Hilda Rass, had been very good friends.

“My grandmother died in 1985 and she lived until the age of 103. I am in good company with Ma Doris. We are happy that she has lived to see 100 years. At one stage, she was a chain smoker,” Ms Parker said.

Deputy chairperson of the Bluegum Seniors’ Club, NawaalHassiem, said that at Ma Doris’s age, she did not need gifts but the presence and love of family and friends.

“We wish her all the health, blessings and all our love. We will always be there for her. We must give our loved ones flowers while they are alive, not at their grave,” Ms Hassiem added.