‘Main Meyer’ is reaching for the stars

Yuzriq Meyer is fast becoming somewhat of a local celebrity within his own community.

Motor-mouth Yuzriq Meyer is making waves wherever he goes.

The 24-year-old radio and television personality is not afraid to share his most honest opinions regarding some of the most controversial issues plaguing our society today.

Whenever he surfs the radio waves or bombards social media with his views or videos, he puts up a performance that is not to be missed and keeps people coming back for more.

Known by the names “Mr Meyer”, Yuzriq “Main Meyer”, “The Main Meyer” or simply just “DJ Mr Meyer”, he is not the kind of DJ who chills in VIP lounges.

Instead, Yuzriq is on the ground, among the people who he enjoys entertaining.

And he has deep roots in the Athlone area.

He says he grew up as a bit of a nomad as his family moved numerous times but this has left him with the ability to interact with various communities. “As a youngster, we were pretty much nomads in the sense that nearly every year we moved to a different area or section of Athlone or as we knew it ‘The Salon’. My parents separated when I was about nine or 10 years old. I stayed with my dad in Heatherdale in Belgravia or as we called it ‘The Road’ or ‘The Grave’. Prior to that, I stayed in Kayter Road, Crawford. Long after staying in Heatherdale, I moved to Belthorn Estate, and then to Benbow Street in Crawford, thereafter I moved back to Belthorn. I stayed in Kewtown with my dad at my grandmother’s house for a few weeks. Before that, I stayed in Colorado Park, Mitchell’s Plain, known as the ‘Cullies’ and before that I stayed in Woodlands,” he said.

He later moved in with his mother in Walmer Estate, University Estate and Vredehoek. Eventually, his moving days were over and he could finally start building a life for himself. “It seems like something out of a movie, but people really wouldn’t believe that I moved more than 10 times and attended three different primary schools in my lifetime. But I feel like because I was exposed to the ghetto and the suburbs, I was always aware that in different areas or different places I had to act according to my surroundings. Even today, I feel if not for all that moving, I would not be as open-minded and understanding as I am, because I literally had neighbours that were low-class, middle class and upper class and I was forced to acclimatise to each situation already at a young age,” Mr Meyer said.

After matriculating from Belgravia High School in 2009, he studied Journalism and Media Studies at Damelin College and then journalism at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). After completing his studies at CPUT, he joined community radio station, Bush Radio in Woodstock, still fresh and unsure of what to expect.

“I started off doing all the things the interns do. Going out to collect sound from people, doing vox-pops and interviews in the street. I learnt about the theoretical side of radio and the history of Bush Radio. I was trained on the analogue console on how to work and engineer the desk. I was taught what you can and can’t say on radio. I was taught how to produce for a show and how to compile a script for radio,” he says of his first experiences as a local DJ.

Around April 2014 was the first time his voice was presented on air, as he co-hosted a show with fellow presenters at the time, Shadreck Setti “Shad So Chilled” and Yonda Basela “Yonce’ Bass”. “The show wasn’t popular in the beginning. It was three kids just blaring their very juvenile opinions about things coupled with music. As the months progressed, Yonda and Shadreck left and I was left to do the show on my own in 2015. And I was allowed to add features to the show so that it fitted my personality,” he said.

He started two feature shows, Hip Hop Tuesday and Friday Psyday.

On Hip Hop Tuesday, Yuzriq invites upcoming and established rappers to the studio for a cipher session, giving them a platform to have their music played and a chance to promote themselves.

On the popular “Friday Psyday” show, he dedicates three hours to the psychedelic trance culture. It’s puzzling as to how one could generate so much attention by only occupying a space on a local community station, but when it comes to Yuzriq, that’s just the start of his exploits.

He goes from the radio studio to the television set, putting down the microphone and smiling for the camera as one of the presenters for Cape Town TV’s EKSE, which airs from Monday to Wednesday.

He is also an event MC, occupying the stage at concerts, weddings, parties or any old get together.

He is also popular on social media, his latest post about ‘Friday Psyday’ being shared about 1 200 times, and viewed by thousands.

“It’s really an amazing feeling being such a central figure within the community. But I like to show people my flaws and show them that I am not perfect and that even though I’m in this position, I’m not better than them nor I am not above them. One of my most valuable lessons in this life is to always remain humble,” said Yuzriq.

But who is the real Yuzriq when all the electronic connections are turned off?

“In real life, I guess I’m the same. I am very straight-forward, very driven, passionate about reaching my dreams. And most of all, I like to laugh and make jokes. I have always been the joker, I have always been the guy at the back of the classroom making jokes and having a good laugh. And as I progress in life, I cannot ever lose my sense of humour because its already deeply entrenched into my being.”

It’s only fitting that this local DJ shared one of his all time favourite sayings from one of the most iconic figures in the music industry, Bob Marley: “Don’t gain the world and lose yourself, for wisdom is more precious than silver and gold.”