Making clinics youth friendly

Young people from Christel House High School attended the Lansdowne clinics event, which was all about making the facility more youth-friendly.

The Lansdowne clinic hosted a programme for youth on Thursday April 19, to inform them of the services available.

Pupils from Christel House High School in Ottery were among the young people from the community who attended the event.

Ward 60 councillor Mark Kleinschmidt had only praise for the programme, saying it was exciting, approachable and interactive.

Issues such as HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancies and clinical-related issues affecting the youth were discussed. Suicide among young people was also discussed.

“My philosophy is that I would rather spend time and resources in preparing a child, than repairing an adult,” Mr Kleinschmidt said.

The stakeholders who made presentations and displayed information tables included the Lansdowne library, the community police forum (CPF), SAPS and the City’s environmental health department.

“An integrated approach by the role players was imperative to engage local youth to develop a more hands-on approach to alleviate the challenges facing the youth,” Mr Kleinschmidt said.