Man arrested for dagga possession

The dagga which was confiscated in Athlone on Friday July 17. Picture: Supplied
A 20-year-old man was arrested for possession of dagga in Athlone on Friday July 17.

Members of the Metro Police Gang and Drug Task Team received a tip-off about drug activity in the area.

They went to investigate. On arrival, the officers found a man outside, who confirmed that he lived in the house.

The officers then asked the owner of the house for permission to conduct a search. The permission was granted.

Metro police spokesperson, Ruth Solomons, said: “In the suspect’s room, officers found two clear plastic bags containing compressed dagga, 12 bankies of dagga and a small bag of dagga with an estimated street value of R10 000.”

The man admitted that the dagga belonged to him. He was then arrested for possession of dagga.