Manenberg housing to be completed next year

The R77 million Downs housing project in Manenberg is expected to be completed in mid-2022

The R77 million Downs housing project in Manenberg is expected to be completed in the middle of next year, if all goes according to plan.

The 587 houses will cover five sites close to Govan Mbeki Road, a major transport route to and from Cape Town and the southern suburbs. The project is close to Manenberg library, primary schools, community halls and parks.

By November last year 314 houses had been built in The Downs Road, Manenberg.

Mayoral committee member for human settlements Malusi Booi said the City saw the need for housing on well-located land near urban centres, close to public transport and job opportunities.

On Monday May 17, 61 beneficiaries received the keys to their homes in The Downs Road, Manenberg. By November last year, 314 houses had been built on this site.

Mr Booi said beneficiaries for the project had been selected in accordance with the City’s housing allocation policy and housing needs register.

Ward 46 councillor Aslam Cassiem said housing was much needed in the community.

“Even though the City wants to build more houses, the current budget only allows for a certain amount. It will really help to alleviate the congestion currently on properties and backyard dwellers,“ he said.

Anita Mancklein, who has been on the housing list for 15 years, stays with her family in Manenberg and hopes to get a house in the project.

“I am nearly 60 years old and moving up and down all the time to where there is place for me. It really is my wish to get my own place, I can’t even tell you how I feel,” she said.

Evelyn Vanniekerk received her house last year in Irvine Street, Manenberg, and is putting up a wall to make it safer.

“There’s a lot of criminals walking up and down and shooting going on, so I am closing up the property before I live in it. It is dangerous to be there with no security walls and gates up,” she said.