Marking 95th birthday

Sophia Poole tuned 95 years old.

Heideveld resident Sophia Poole celebrated her 95th birthday last Thursday, March 23, with her family and friends at her granddaughter’s home in Strandfontein.

The Poole clan was in a joyous spirit and showered the matriarch with a party fit for a queen.

The former Wynberg resident reminisced about happy days spent in the area with its panoramic scenery.

Ms Poole was instrumental in establishing the Spenston Netball Club, in 1962, and won various domestic trophies.

She was a victim of apartheid’s Group Areas Act and was forcefully moved to the Cape Flats with thousands of other people.

Ms Poole and her late husband Alfred moved to Heideveld in 1965.

He passed away in 1983 after they had been married for 41 years. They had four children, two of whom have passed away.

The former clothing shop steward at Montaic was passionate about her colleagues. She was a representative of the Garment Workers Union to be a voice for workers during her long trip abroad unionised trip in 1972.

Ms Poole is currently a member of the Senior Citizens of Welguard Club and still enjoys her walks. The ardent bookworm speaks fondly about reaching this milestone age and her sober habits which have added to her longevity.

The devout Christian is grateful towards God for his grace and mercy that He has bestowed upon her.

Daughter Patricia Poole describes her mum as a stalwart within the family who helped them to become what they are today. She says her mum was hard working and dedicated her strength to raising a household after their father passed away.

“It’s a blessing to look after mum and to care for her,” she says.

The birthday girl was thrilled to have her 13 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren at the joyous birthday celebration.