Married couple sticks together for 50 years

Sandra and Martin Jones celebrate their 50th anniversary today, April 18.

After 50 years of marriage, Martin Jones, 76, still sees his wife Sandra, 72, as the most beautiful woman ever.

The Manenberg couple celebrate their wedding anniversary today, April 18, and although things were tough at times, they never gave up on their love for one another.

They believe that they were able to reach this milestone only because they put God at the centre of their marriage.

“It was not easy, but it was worth it. If it was not for the Lord, we would not be here. Marriage is something a couple constantly has to work on. Martin was very sick. He had a stroke and brain surgery. It was only by God’s grace that He carried us through the difficult times,” Ms Jones said.

Reminiscing about how they met, Mr Jones said he has had a few girlfriends before Ms Jones, but had always “had my eye on her”.

“We met at church. I had a shoe repair shop, and she used to bring her shoes to have it fixed. One day I mustered up enough courage to ask her if I could come visit her at home. She is still the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes on. I love her more now than I ever did. She cared for me so well when I was sick and I am honoured to share my life with her,” Mr Jones said.

Ms Jones advised young couples to always see the beauty in one another.

“Your appearance changes over the years, and men must not be critical when their wives gain a little weight. She is still the beautiful woman you married. The operation Martin had, left a huge dent in his head, but he is still my handsome husband. It is also important that a couple must talk about their problems. They must never stop praying for one another and be quick to forgive one another. Martin has always been a good husband to me. Sy oë het nog nooit rondgedwaal nie,” Ms Jones said.

Their daughter, Marilyn, said her parents still enjoy doing things together.

“Every morning my father still makes my mother a cup of tea and takes it to her in the bedroom. They have disagreements, but I can’t remember a day they went to bed angry. They forgive each other easily.

“What I also like about them, is if the one does something wrong, then the other one will admonish, and they would be quick to apologise and ask for forgiveness. They still have that boldness to admit it when they are wrong. They have proven that they are there for one another through sickness and health.

“I don’t know if there is a glue on this earth that can stick like the bond they have for each other. They stuck to their vows, and the sincerity and love they have for one another is so special.

“They are definitely my role models and have set a good example,” Marilyn said.