Men caught with City property

Stolen City of Cape Town property recovered.
Two men were arrested after they were found in possession of suspected stolen goods in Manenberg yesterday.

The City’s Rapid Response Unit and Facilities Protection officers received information about the metal fence being stolen at the Manenberg Community Centre.

They followed up. They found two men leaving the scene.

The officers stopped and searched them. They found two hacksaws in their bags and the security guards positively identified them as the alleged thieves.

Two steel poles were also recovered.

Law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said: “The two were arrested and taken to Manenberg police station. A detective at the station informed the officers that he had information about poles that were stolen and being cut up as they spoke.”

The officers called for more backup before going to a house in Sonderend Street. 

At the house, they found two large sections of City palisade fencing. 

They arrested a man in connection with theft.