Mentorship programme wants pupils to dream big

The 13 Arcadia High School Grade 9s who attended Dreamspire’s first workshop are seen here with the organisation’s founders.

Six former Bonteheuwel residents have started a mentorship programme for high school pupils in the community with a focus on career guidance, life skills and entrepreneurship.

The non-profit company, Dreamspire, started as a conversation among siblings Genevieve Lentz, Monique Lentz and Leandre Lentz-Sparks and then drew in their friends, Brent-David Kadalie, Andre Ford, and Justin Ford.

As former residents of Bonteheuwel they knew young people needed more career guidance and information post-school education, said Justin Ford.

“The programme aims to offer a beacon of hope and direction for boys and girls in Bonteheuwel – a community we as the Dreamspire founders hold dear to our hearts,” he said.

He added: “Growing up, our parents were not knowledgeable or educated enough to guide us in subject selection for Grades 10, 11, and 12. For example, we were not advised to apply to more than one university or college. We were never encouraged to start our own businesses. The Dreamspire team comprises like-minded individuals, who want to see young people aspire beyond their circumstances, and to live out their dreams.”

Thirteen Grade 9 pupils at Arcadia High School attended Dreamspire’s first workshop, at the Friend of God Church in Goodwood, on Saturday May 28. Unique Sibanda was one of them.

“I am here because I want to achieve my goals, because I want to be something when I grow up. Then I can make my mom, and my family proud. I am happy to be here because in this space you can have peace,” she said.

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The founders of Dreamspire, from left, are Brent-David Kadalie, Leandre Lentz-Sparks, Monique Lentz, Genevieve Lentz, Andre Ford and Justin Ford.