Metrorail run-around

N Petersen, Crawford

I was reading the letter “Train fiasco” in Athlone News (May 25), and burst out laughing at the response from Metrorail.

I’ve on numerous occasions experienced the delays, the latest being Tuesday June 14. Now remember, it’s Ramaadan and raining. The 0551train leaves Cape Town at 3.30pm, but by 4pm we were still at Koeberg.

With only the last carriage on the platform, people didn’t know whether to get off or stay.

Eventually three women jumped off but then the train moved.

At Maitland station, the train was left standing.

We eventually saw everyone getting off so we also followed the crowd.

There was an announcement for Cape Flats line commuters to go to platform 4.

After what felt like forever in the rain, our train eventually arrived on platform 5.

Metrorail staff do not seem to have a clue what’s going on and are rude by ignoring passengers.

Even though I didn’t get home that late, the uncertainty of wondering when we will stop again and the humiliation of running around from platform to platform in the rain is degrading. And to top it off, our line is still the better line for being “on time”.

Go metro and Twitter updates are just as useless.