Moses’s book aims todecrease divorce rate

Moses Kyenda from Athlone will be launching his first book, which deals with the high rate of divorce, later this month.

The idea for writing this book came about after he noticed many people around the world getting divorced and questioned why this was happening.

Mr Kyenda, who runs an NPO called Life Giving Faith Ministries International, said he started writing the book in April last year and finished it in March this year.

“I prayed about it and did some research about it. Through God’s help I discovered that no matter how tall or beautiful a building can look, if the foundation is wrong it will collapse. So the answer is that many marriages are ending up in divorce because of the way they started,” said Mr Kyenda.

The book, titled Starting Right, speaks about what should be done when starting a relationship or marriage and how to find your soulmate or life partner.

He said people also need to realise that there is life after divorce.

“It also speaks to those who are married to be able to identify cracks in their marriages and fix it, and to the divorced people to know and believe that it can be fixed again. My target is those who are single, for them to know the right steps before venturing in marriage, and for married people to be able to identify why their marriage is not doing so well so that they can fix the issues because it is never late to start right. I want to encourage every leader in any field to become familiar with this information and teach it to their followers,” he said.

Mr Kyenda said he plans to write many more books and hopes to have published 200 books during his lifetime.

The book will be launched on Saturday May 26 at the Vera School for Learners with Autism, 20 Anglesey Road, Rondebosh East, from 4pm to 8pm.

The book will be sold for R200 each.

For more information contact Moses Kyenda on 063 055 2713.