Mother’s Day treat

The Bridgetown Moravian Church hosted a Mother’s Day breakfast on Saturday May 7. Guests were treated to a breakfast and gifts and some won prizes in a lucky draw. Enjoying their breakfast, are Merle Green and Geraldine Abrahams.
Elizabeth Baugaard, Margie Classen, Miriam Fisher, and Julia Orphan enjoyed their time together.
The Bridgetown Moravian Church’s pastoral couple, Reverend Charles and Cathleen Goliath, made sure everyone enjoyed their time together.
Standing, from left, are Louisa Abrahams, Marjory George, and Felecia Edwards. Seated are Cathy Marais, left, and Joan Petersen.
Jenni Coert and Corallyn Michaels, back, and Suzaane and Alexander MacMillian, seated, shared lots of laughter over breakfast.
This group of friends appreciated the time they spent with one another.
Jenny Davids, Ruth Martin, Anita Wildeman and Sally Williams were among the guests.
Catherine Reyneud, 85, and Eva Fredericks, 93, were among the eldest guests at the breakfast.