Motorcycle clubs ensure it’s a good Friday for the hungry

Good Friday, celebrated on Friday March 25, was literally a good Friday for more than a thousand hungry tummies in Hanover Park, Philippi and Ottery, who were fed pickled fish, bread and Easter eggs during this year’s “Pickled Fish Run” hosted by the community, motorcycle clubs and the police.

The gesture of goodwill to mark one of the most important periods in the Christian religious calender, originated a few years ago when former police officer Keith Blake and his family had several encounters where children and their parents would turn up on their doorstep on Good Friday, asking for handouts.

The Blake family (also the founders of Ottery Boyz Motorcycle Club) literally put their faith in God into action and decided to feed the needy before they fed themselves. Since then the event has expanded each year.

Philippi police station commander Lieutenant-Colonel Dennis Abels shared his appreciation towards all involved in contributing to the success of the event, adding that building stronger relationships and partnering with the business sector and private entities form part of partnership policing.

Partners include motorcycle clubs such as Ottery Boyz, Strawdog, Strikers, Ghost Riders, Nubs, Unknown, Phantom Riders, Thornbirds, Mute, Honda, Black Angels, Disgracefouls, The Clique, Philippi SAPS, the local community police forum and a number of sponsors.