Motorist nabbed for outstanding warrants

A driver with 62 outstanding warrants, totaling R81 850, has been caught.
At 33-year-old taxi driver was arrested for outstanding warrants yesterday after he was stopped on the N2 near Jan Smuts Drive while trying to overtake on the shoulder of the road.

After he was pulled over and fined for the offence, the traffic officer ran a check and discovered that the driver has 62 outstanding warrants, totaling R81 850.

He was then taken into custody.

Mayoral committee member for safety and security; and social services, JP Smith, said; “A few weeks ago, we warned motorists to make sure their affairs are in order to avoid nasty surprises when they get stopped at roadblocks or for another transgression, as was the case here. I hope this incident will serve as a warning to others that warrant dodging has an expiry date.”

The City of Cape Town has also started sending regular text messages and statements to motorists about outstanding fines. There is also an online payment option for warrants.

This week, the corporate services department is hosting a traffic fine roadshow at the Civic Centre where motorists can settle fines and warrants.