Motorist shot and wounded

No arrests have been made after the driver of this vehicle was shot in Bonteheuwel. Picture: Supplied
A man was shot and wounded in Smalblaar Road, Bonteheuwel on Sunday September 15.

Law enforcement officers, who were patrolling in the area, were flagged down by a member of the public saying that shots were being fired in Smalblaar Road.

The officers went to investigate. They saw a BMW flashing its headlights constantly and hooting.

They approached the vehicle and found that the driver had been shot and wounded in his chest and arm.

Law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said: “The victim begged the officers to take him to hospital as he did not want to wait for an ambulance. They rushed him to Bonteheuwel Day Hospital in their official vehicle as the man was petrified of bleeding to death.”

He remains in a serious condition.

His attackers are still at large.