Mr Jaz releases new single

Roeshdien Jaz, more popularly known as Mr Jaz, has released his new single Want what you cant have.

Athlone musician Roeshdien Jaz, more popularly known as Mr Jaz, has released his new single, Want what you can’t have, to inspire others during the month of Movember.

Mr Jaz is a cancer survivor so the men’s health issues raised during Movember are close to his heart.

In May last year he launched the single, The Calling, which he started writing 14 years ago while still in music school.

However, his music career took a back seat when he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012.

Mr Jaz underwent three major surgeries and eight rounds of chemotherapy.

This year he celebrates six years of being cancer-free.

During his recovery, Mr Jaz realised that life was much more than he had imagined.

Once he recovered he completed writing The Calling and launched the single, to inspire himself and others to live what they believed to be their purpose.

While at music school Mr Jaz also started writing Want what you can’t have, which he recorded this year.

He described the single as a fresh, dynamic dance track with subtle depth.

“It is cancer awareness month and I just wanted to continue with my intention to inspire and have hope – during this month people need hope.

“Sometimes men have too much pride to go for check ups and I really want to encourage everyone to not ignore what your body tells you,” he said.

Mr Jazz’s debut album The Contradiction, which has been eight years in the making will be released in the first quarter of 2019.

The album will include different genre’s of music which will cater for different moods.

“The album is a tribute to life, love, and all its many contradictions.

“It’s a body of work that has been coming along for a while and much thought has gone into it- each song has been given love and attention,” he said.

Mr Jaz said he wants the youth to honour their journeys while they make their way to success and to not only focus on the destination.