Mural promotes Afrikaans

The mural at Parkfields Primary School.

Parkfields Primary School in Hanover Park revealed an Afrikaans mural to pupils, teachers and parents last Friday, June 2.

The mural was painted by, a Pretoria-based organisation which strives to promote the use of Afrikaans through story books, murals and poems.

Their message was that children should be proud and not shy to speak the language.

Rene Arendse, an ambassador for, said the mural illustrates how children should be proud of Afrikaans, their school, and the community they live in.

She said Afrikaans needs to be promoted so that people don’t stop speaking it.

The organisation partnered with two schools in the Western Cape, including Irista Primary School in Kuils River.

“This is the first time we have chosen to do something like this. If all goes well we will be introducing the mural to other schools as well,” said Ms Arendse.

The partnership was made possible by Grade 7 Afrikaans teacher, Eric van der Byl who is affiliated to

Mr Van der Byl said that society needs to move away from the myth that Cape Flats Afrikaans is not Afrikaans.

“Everyone speaks their own type of Afrikaans and that is what makes each community different.

“People must not be shy to speak the language the way they have learnt it,” he said.

Principal Diana Williams said they are hoping that through the partnership they will make Afrikaans easier to learn.

She said she hopes the mural will remind pupils and parents that Afrikaans still exists and that it is a beautiful language.