Music NPO offers alternative to gangsterism

Director of the Mamela Music Project NPO, Charles Louw.

The Mamela Music Project is inviting the youth of Manenberg and surrounding areas to join their workshops.

The NPO aims to empower underprivileged youth through music education, said its director, Charles Louw.

He said Manenberg, like many other townships on the Cape Flats, was characterised by deep-routed social ills due to the high unemployment rate and the increasingly overwhelming presence of poverty.

Peer pressure among the youth, coupled with overcrowding, fed gangsterism, criminality and substance abuse leading to broken families, child abuse and neglect.

“Teenage pregnancies, smoking tik and marijuana, as well as consuming alcohol has become acceptable behaviour amongst young people. It is in these tragic circumstances that the Mamela Project has made, and continues to make, a profound difference in the lives of many young people through music education,” he said.

The Mamela Project needs resources to continue their workshops, including teaching venues, keyboards, guitars, drums and many other musical instruments.

Mr Louw said most parents can’t afford to purchase instruments resulting in students having to share instruments owned by the project. This, he said, hampers student’s progress that sometimes leads to students losing interest.

Because of the lack of finance, students are taught in groups.

“We therefore humbly request your support to sustain and expand the impact of the Mamela Project. Your valued contribution will enable us to offer consistent and high-quality music education, purchase, repair and maintain musical instruments and provide ongoing mentorship. By investing in this initiative, you will be not only nurturing musical talent but also contributing to the long-term development and wellbeing of the Manenberg community at large,” he said.

The Mamela Music Project, will be having a registration day on Saturday January 27, from 9am until to 11am at Manenberg High School in Tugela Street, Manenberg.

They will be offering tuition in piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums and theory of music. Singing and other instruments will be added at a later stage. All ages welcome. Classes will take place at Manenberg High School on Saturdays from 9am until 1pm. The monthly fee is R300 a student.

For more information call Charles Louw on 079 025 4572.