Muslim Hands donates curtains to Victoria Hospital

Standing in front of the new curtains, are, from left, Yaseen Gamiet, Yvonne Nelukalo, Dr Graeme Dumbar, Imraan Roomaney, Dr Flip Cloete, Ayesha Orrie, Zeenat Hussain, Masnoena Allie and Sister Carol Weir.

A non-profit organisation teamed up with Victoria Hospital to ensure that its new emergency centre (EC) is draped with new curtains.

On Wednesday May 26, Muslim Hands, an aid agency based in Rylands, handed over 40 screen curtains to the EC, which was opened on the same day.

Head of the EC, Dr Flip Cloete, said the old emergency unit had been built in 1972 as a temporary addition to the hospital.

“Today, we are opening a state-of-the-art emergency centre. We have always given good community care, now we hope to do even more,” Dr Cloete said.

Yvonne Nelukalo, the head of support services at Victoria Hospital, said the relationship between Muslim Hands and the hospital had started three years ago.

“Muslim Hands contacted us in 2018. They wanted to donate anything we needed at the time. They then donated wheelchairs and curtains. With the plans to open the new building, we contacted them and asked if they could help us with the curtains. We are grateful for their willingness to assist,” Ms Nelukalo said.

Masnoena Allie, from Muslim Hands, said: “It was easy to co-ordinate their appeal for the curtains, as we had an existing relationship. Victoria Hospital put us in touch with their supplier, and Muslim Hands paid the bill. As an organisation, we are kept afloat by people’s generosity.”