Nasheed artists aiming for higher honours

Pictured at the Madrassa Tul Madina nasheed competition, at back from left are, Yaseen Heneke, Altaaf Davids, Uzair Davids, Luqmaan Taliep, Abdul Ghameed Gabriels, Tahir Moosa and Abubakr Anthony. In front is Imraan Fortune.

Performing nasheed is said to be a soul-enriching practice which heightens your spiritual level, and that is exactly what the group of boys from The Leadership College (TLC) in Manenberg, felt when they won this year’s Madrassa Tul Madina nasheed competition.

Nasheed is an art in which the artist sings or praises, glorifying Allah (God) and the prophet Nabi Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the intention of drawing closer to Allah and his prophet.

The group of eight boys competed against eight other nasheed groups from around Cape Town at the Portland Indoor Centre on Saturday August 11.

As the winners of the competition, the group will have the opportunity to record their own CD.

Coach Ebrahim Norton, who is also an ex-pupil of The Leadership College, said that the competition was tough as the boys could only perform two nasheeds in the first round for five minutes each, there after five groups went through to the final round where they each performed one nasheed.

“The competition was a stepping stone for the group to enter bigger competitions in the future and give them some exposure. They had a month and a half to practise for the competition,” he said.

Luqmaan Taliep, in Grade 11, said he felt mixed emotions when they were announced the winners of the competition.

“We don’t compete for the fame or to win or for a prize, we compete for the love of nasheed, to inspire other youth, and get closer to our Almighty,” he said.

Uzair Davids, ex-pupil of TLC who matriculated last year, said that his passion for nasheed developed when he listened to it as he started high school.

He then joined the school’s nasheed group in Grade 8 and they attained second position in an annual nasheed schools competition in which different Muslim schools competed.

TLC won the annual high school nasheed competition for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017 and won the primary school nasheed competition in 2016.

Head of the TLC Hifth (Quraan studies) Academy, Sheikh Qosiem Gabriels, said he was enormously proud of the group’s achievement.

“The nasheed scene is growing in the Cape where various competitions and shows taking place by local and international artists are providing an acceptable alternative for youth.”