Nasty bill surprise

Faldiela De Vries, Manenberg

I have been an Edgar’s account holder for many years. Even though Edgars sent me a statement by email monthly I never scrutinised the account and only paid a few rands more than the required monthly instalment.

This month I took the time to analyse the statement and to my surprise realised that my outstanding account is increasing instead of decreasing.

Here is the problem with my account: I have three phone insurances on my account and a club membership. The monthly billing is more than my required monthly instalment.

I have not done any purchases on my account. If I don’t pay much more than my monthly debits on my account and stick to monthly instalments as required, my balance will increase monthly.

I’m raising this to alert other Edgars account holders as they are also charging interest on balances.

Edcon Customer Services spokesperson responds:

Kindly be advised that Mrs De Vries was contacted by the customer call centre on May 6 and 12 and her query has since been resolved. In summary, her Edgars Club and cellphone insurances are billed at a higher rate than her average monthly instalment, hence no decrease on her balance.

It was recommended and discussed with Mrs De Vries to further maintain a manual instalment calculation on her account.