Neighbourhood watch is now on the map

Fred Norman, chairman of the Lincoln Estate Neighbourhood Watch.

The 21-year-old Lincoln Estate Neighbourhood Watch was accredited by the provincial Department of Community Safety, at a function in Goodwood late last month.

Fred Norman, the watch’s chairman, said the 50 residents in the organisation had worked very hard to keep crime out of their community.

“There are lots of old people living here, so we told them that we will take care of them like they took care of us when we were younger,” he said.

The watch patrols an area bounded by Belgravia, Elwyn, Port Jackson, and Benbow roads.

Getting accreditation had been “very difficult” but worth it, said Mr Norman.

“We went through such a long process with lots of paperwork and we had to screen each patroller.”

He said the members of the watch realised the police could not be everywhere and they felt they had a responsibility to take care of the neighbourhood.

“We try to kill crime when it starts and nip it in the bud,” he said.

The neighbourhood watch started a drug support group 10 years ago to fight substance abuse in the community.

The watch received a starter kit from the department, which included bibs, lights, and a first-aid box among other things.

“We are very grateful for all of that, as we previously had to raise funds to buy our equipment,” said Mr Norman. “We are very excited to be accredited; the members were all beaming.”

He said the watch was “very proactive” and members had their ears to the ground and communicated well with each other.

“We made sure that the park was cleaned up and we don’t allow vagrants or crime to happen in the park because it is for our community and for our kids to play in,” he said.