Networking to give 900 Eid outfits to the needy


The Friends in Giving (FIG) Network hopes to sponsor 900 children with Eid outfits again this year. The drive, which started in 2010, aims to provide underprivileged children with a new outfit for Eid each year.

Every year, the FIG Network, a group of women who volunteer their time to run the drive, approaches sponsors to donate an Eid outfit for a child by allocating one child per sponsor.

The sponsor is given the child’s name, age, sex, and size.

The outfit must be new, warm and modest, and the package must include a pair of shoes, socks, and underwear.

The idea behind the drive is that parents involve their entire family when shopping for these children, so that they can send a special note along with the clothes and also keep the children in their prayers.

FIG specifically asks that the clothes be new and that the gifts be wrapped to create continuity across the programme and so that all children feel special when they receive them.

Lamees Romaney, who is responsible for collections at Al Miftaah orphanage in Hanover Park and Ocean View, said that over the years the community had made beautiful donations.

“By far the most touching is when donors personalise wrapping paper or add a little gift or note from themselves and family. It is especially endearing when the children assist in decorating the gifts or making the cards. It is a great opportunity to discuss charitable deeds and giving back to the community with your children,” said Ms Romaney.

In 2010, the FIG Network started off with three orphanages and now covers 20 areas, including Hanover Park, Nyanga, Cafda, Parkwood and Strand, as well as safe houses and schools.

“Our appeal is that people must please get involved early this year. Every year, we have people waiting until the last minute. We have a cut-off date of two weeks before Eid so we need all donors to comply. In the past, we have had donors who forget that they committed to buying an outfit. We urge donors to think carefully about the implication of not meeting agreed upon deadlines,” said Ms Romaney.

For more information, call Ms Romaney at 071 536 7553.