New rehab opens in Manenberg

The Nurul Huda out-patient rehab programme is run at the Duinefontein community centre in Manenberg.

Substance abusers in Manenberg have a chance to get help – even if they can’t afford it – at a new out-patient rehab programme.

The programme, run by Nurul Huda, a non-profit organisation, at the Duinefontein community centre, has been going since the beginning of the month. Currently, five people are part of it, being helped for free.

According to founder Imraan Peerbhay, the secular programme is free for those who can’t afford rehab. It costs R1 500 for those who can pay.

A psychologist, doctor and social worker help both the addict and the addict’s family. The focus is on supporting the addict after they leave rehab to stop them relapsing.

“We know that it is also important to counsel the family so that when the person comes back home they know how to handle the situation. In this way, the family member’s chance of successful rehabilitation is much higher.

“Many times the family sends the person to rehab and only sees them again once they get back, and it becomes difficult to cope because the family has not healed and they are not educated about substance abuse.”

Those taking part in the six-week, 12-step programme discuss the triggers of substance abuse and coping mechanisms. And, through counselling, they explore the reasons that led them to substance abuse in the first place.

The organisation also runs drug-awareness programmes in schools.

Manenberg ward councillor Aslam Cassiem has welcomed the programme, saying there’s a great need for drug rehabilitation in the area.

It was important to tell children about the dangers of drugs so they could make the right choices in life, he said.

“The earlier we can detect it the better. Once the person has been hooked onto drugs it is very difficult to get them off it so we want to prevent that from happening. We welcome anyone wanting to help our community.”

The programme runs daily from 8am to 4pm. Call Imraan Peerbhay at 072 317 8631.